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Difference In Parenting Through Generations

Parenting styles can vary significantly between generations due to evolving cultural, social, and technological factors.
Some common differences observed between the past two generations are the ones:
-Discipline and Authority: Generation parents often followed a more disciplinarian approach, emphasizing rules and obedience. They typically valued respect for authority and used strict discipline methods. In contrast, Millennial parents tend to adopt a more democratic or permissive approach, focusing on negotiation, reasoning, and fostering independence. They encourage open communication with their children and value their opinions.
-Communication and Engagement: Millennials have grown up in the digital age, and this has influenced their parenting style. They are more likely to use technology to connect with their children, such as texting, video calls, or social media. They often prioritize open and frequent communication with their children, seeking to understand their feelings and perspectives. whereas, on the other hand Generation X parents,may have relied more on face-to-face communication and traditional methods of engagement.
-Work-Life Balance: Generation X parents often experienced the shift towards dual-income households, with both parents working outside the home. As a result, they may have had limited time for parenting due to long work hours. Millennial parents, however, have seen the consequences of this imbalance and tend to prioritize work-life balance. They seek flexible work arrangements, prioritize family time, and strive to be more present in their children's lives.
-Education and Achievement: Both generations value education, but there are differences in emphasis. Generation X parents may have emphasized traditional academic success and career stability, encouraging their children to excel academically .However, the Millennial parents, often focus on holistic development and individual passions. They may prioritize creativity, personal growth, and finding fulfillment in one's career, rather than solely pursuing financial stability.
-Parenting Information and Resources: Millennials have access to a vast array of parenting information and resources through the internet and social media. They can easily access articles, blogs, forums, and online communities that provide advice and support. On other side the Generation X parents, relied more on traditional sources of information such as books, magazines, and advice from family and friends.
It's important to note that these differences are broad generalizations, and there can be significant variations within the each generation. 
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